About us

Dobrinescu Dobrev SCA is the name under which we chose to unite in 2012 our knowledge and experience in several fields of law, in such a way as to offer our clients innovative and effective legal services.

We, Luisiana DobrinescuIonuț Dobrinescu and Dumitru Dobrev, are the founding associates, each with an experience of more than 12 years in the business law. We are old friends and our friendship is the first gift we extend to our clients.

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At our office in 7 Intrarea Roma you will meet a team of well trained lawyers, with imagination and flair, eager to turn knowledge into winning strategies. We try a flexible approach on each and every case, we do our best to think efficiently, pragmatically and unexpensively. We practice with passion the Justice and the Law, and we reckon this transpires in the results of our work, despite the imperfections of the judicial system.

We believe in authenticity and in the power of the moral example. We take chances, we rely on courage and believe in the lawyer’s civilized contribution to the business environment.

We are particularly fond of the fiscal and commercial law. We offer tax advice, assistance in the fiscal inspection, we plead in civil litigation, administrative and fiscal trials and we may proudly represent you in relation with the fiscal authority.