Alina-Adriana Arseni

Alina-Adriana ARSENI, Senior lawyer

I have been a member of the Bucharest Bar since 2011. During the exercise of my profession as an attorney-at-law, I have acquired vast expertise in the white-collar crime field, in large scale cases dealing with a multitude of charges, such as organised crime, corruption and malfeasance in office, capital market related offences, tax evasion or money laundering.

To complement this, I have acquired expertise in first-rate cases pertaining to other business law areas, including litigation in civil law (contractual liability and torts, recovery of receivables, enforcement proceedings), commercial (corporate disputes, insolvency), administrative and fiscal contentious, contraventions or labour/ employment law.

The European protection of human rights and international judicial cooperation have constantly represented connected areas of interest. I have provided legal assistance and representation in administrative and judicial proceedings covering all procedural phases.

Correspondingly to the litigation activity, I have often drawn up due diligence reports, legal memoranda, and legal opinions, while also providing legal advice in the fields referenced above. Among the clients managed by me there are individuals and legal entities, Romanian and foreign alike, with a high-rate and highly demanding profile. By joining the Dobrinescu Dobrev team in 2021, I am constantly refining my expertise in fiscal matters

    Work experience


    I have worked with Bucharest-based prestigious law firms, listed at the top of relevant international legal directories and affiliated to renowned associations of lawyers



    The Bucharest Bar (2011)



    The British Law Centre, Diploma in English Law and Legal Skills (2019-2020) and Commercial Law Diploma (2020-2021)


    The National Institute for Lawyers’ Training, initial professional training stage (2012-2013)


    The Transilvania University of Brasov, The Faculty of Law, LL.M in Advanced Criminal Sciences (2009-2011)


    The Transilvania University of Brasov, The Faculty of Law and Sociology, Law Department, LL.B in Law (2005-2009)


    The Transilvania University of Brasov, The Faculty of Languages and Literatures, English-Romanian Department, B.A. in Philology (2005-2008)


    Phone: +40 748 012 365