„We were never particularly fond of something we call, and some will feel annoyed for sure: “air conditioned law practice”. We feel that the field reality requires our presence and attention way out of our offices, among litigating parties, in the bureacratic maze, in the court rooms. In reality, things are exactly as they seem: they are otherwise.” – Av. Ionuț Dobrinescu

Our consulting practice is grounded on true practice to an even larger extent than on theoretical handbooks, as it encompasses:

  • Legal advice on marerial and procedural fiscal issues;
  • City planning counseling (urbanistic plans, protected natural eareas, assistance during ARPM review of the environmental impact studies, building permits etc.);
  • Drafting and revision of civil contract between professionals (corporate law, banking law, commercial distribution and dealership, insurance, multimodal and maritime shipping);
  • Due dilligene on ownership titles;
  • Drafting and revision of corporate parpework (shareholder’s meetings, corporate reorganisation, mergers and spin-offs, stake takeovers, including for public listed companies);
  • Advice on the containment of the risk of failure to cash claimable debts;
  • Advice for creditors of companies in iminent bankruptcy or under insolvency procedures (attempts to maximize the chances to reach a seat in the Creditor’s Committee meetings, to prevent hostile majorities in the Creditor’s Assembly, to identify and contain the suspect transactions peformed by the debtor in order to obtain their cancellation in court, to avoid unnecessary posptoponement of the insovency procedures, as well as to single out advantageous reorganisation solutions)
  • Industrial property advice (procedures with OSIM/OHIM to obtain registration and recognition or protection of intellectual property rights and connex rights)
  • Advice to employer’s HR departments for smooth downsizing of business, with minimal risks of being challenged in court.
  • Pre-trial legal case diagnostics with indication of  the legal remedies and options among which the client may choose and make an informed decision.