„In order to win in the battlefield which is a Court room, one must not only study the problem thoroughly, but also know the legal battles fought by others before, and figure out a flexible strategy, adapted to the flow of the events.” – Av. Dumitru Dobrev

Our practice in matters of litigation implies:

  • SWOT analysis of a potential litigation from all possible viewpoints (with a focus on the possible options of the adversary);
  • thorough research of the doctrine and judicial practice in cases related to the subject matter);
  • close collaboration with decisionmakers, expert side-counsels and client’s staff who controlls technical and factual details;
  • rejection of all professional compromise and proposal of realistic exit strategies for the client.

Our diagnosis is essential both for us, to offer correct remedies to the client, and for the client to acknowledge the possible outcome and assume the needed behaviour throughout the trial.

Since prevention is the best treatment of discontent, we had better accept cases in incipient phases, in order to build up the case from scratch.

Commercial trials and insolvency:

  • patrimonial issues between professionals
  • corporate litigation, capital markets;
  • bank issues;
  • insurance, multimmodal shipping, maritime law, commercial network distribution etc.;
  • enforced execution and claimable debt recovery;
  • insolvency and bankruptcy issues (Court representation, assistance in negotiation with admins or liquidators in order to expedite the procedure, reorganization solutions, liquidation matters).

 Intellectual property:

  • patent registration, cancelation, annulment;
  • counterfait sanction and patent revendication;
  • action against the collective management of intellectual property rights.

City planning and environment issues:

  • City planning cancellation or other challenge, approval documentation due dilligence;
  • expropriation issues;
  • demolition of illegal buidings, etc.

Administrative litigations:

  • public acquisition of works and financement from national budget;
  • action against governement orders in various domains of administrative regulation which may hurt private interests;
  • public office litigation.

Litigations between professionals:

  • claimable debt recovery;
  • disloyal competition;
  • insurance litigation;
  • abusive clauses and other matters of contractual liability.

Civil litigation:

  • real estate revendication, frontier settlement, passing rights, real estate publicity litigation, rightful compensation of expropriated estates;
  • collective discharge of employees, labour conflicts.