Marinela Zlotea

Marinela ZLOTEA, Avocat

I have been a member of the Bucharest Bar, as a fully-fledged lawyer, since January 1st 1994. Prior to Law no. 51/1995, I activated within the Office no. 2 of the Bucharest Bar and, after the entry into force of the law governing the lawyer profession, I carried out my activity within my own law practice, guiding and training numerous generations of junior lawyers.

During my 34 years of legal practice, of which over 27 were spent as a lawyer, I have experienced and adapted to all the changes brought to the legal system, accumulating vast expertise in civil law, including its commercial branch relating to the organisation and functioning of trade companies, fiscal and administrative law, transport law, banking law, and labor law. 

As of 2018, I had the opportunity to join the Dobrinescu Dobrev team and, as its eldest member, I appreciate each day spent with this young, enthusiastic, dedicated, and highly professional group.