Liviu Ungureanu

I have a double accademic specialization, as a graduate of the Law School and of the Computers and Automatizations Faculty.

I worked for 17 years as a judicial police officer within the operative structures of the Internal Affairs Ministry, General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police.

I specialized în the prevention and fight against frauds in the banking systems and capital markets, as part of an elite unit of the Romanian Police, acting upon Organized Crime and Money Laundry.

My work in the Romanian Police  Române turned into a predilectoin for the instrumentation of the penal prosecution.

After quitting the public carreer in 2010, I offered counsel in cases related with economic crime and money laundry. I became a specialist in crisis management of companies in difficulty or pre-insolvency.

I am a permanent external collaborator of DOBRINESCU DOBREV SCA.

Tel: +40.728.024.622