Tax Magazine nr. 6/2016

Lelia Grigore , Senior Tax Lawyer -Dobrinescu Dobrev SCA

The current Tax Procedure Code has tried to find solutions to problems that proved stringent, according to previous case law and practice.

In the context of a growing number of decisions imposing precautionary measures, to any significant extent caused by the increased number of checks carried out by the Generale Tax Fraud Authority, it were regulated some procedural safeguards to protect more effectively the taxpayer, when the measures are established abusively or when they are being maintaind for a period unreasonably high.

For this purpose, it has been introduced the termination by law of the established precautionary measures, under certain condition stipulated by the code. But what can the taxpayer do, if at the deadline set by the law, the measures are not lifted by the fiscal authorities? They are two options: he can wait, without knowing how long, to recive the lifting measures decision or he can choose to get out of passivity by finding a way to actionate.